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-Double Pane Glass
-Removable Tray
-Air Filtration System
-Timed Lighting System
-Climate Control System

-Queen Ann

-Baby Grand

-White Lacquer
-Black Lacquer
-Natural Oak


bird cage furniture

Society Finch

Lochura domestica
Society Finch

Society finches are a hybrid developed in China in the 1700s. They were never found in the wild. They come in a variety of colors. This is the most domesticated of all finches and so is often used to foster chicks of more difficult species.

The society finch is sexually monomorphic meaning both the male and female look the same. The only way to visually sex them is to hear the male sing. The society finch will sleep in the nest even when not breeding. It is not unusual for 8 to 10 society finches to all sleep in the same nest. They also will sit on other birds eggs and find the other birds young. Society finches help to reduce stress on the other birds when raising young. They get along well with other finches.

Care and Feeding:

Society finches are easily kept in good health on a diet of a high quality finch mix. Occasionally giving them spray millet and an eggfood mix will keep them healthy and give them extra energy. They will need an adequate supply of fresh, clean water changed at least every other day. A good rule of thumb is if the water does not look clean enough for you to drink then change it.


The hen lays 6 to 8 small white eggs and parent birds share incubation duties. The eggs hatch in approximately 14 to 17 days. The young birds fledge at approximately 20 days. The young birds will be fully independent at 40 days. The young birds should not be removed from their parents until they have been out of the nest at least four weeks.