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-Double Pane Glass
-Removable Tray
-Air Filtration System
-Timed Lighting System
-Climate Control System

-Queen Ann

-Baby Grand

-White Lacquer
-Black Lacquer
-Natural Oak


bird cage furniture

Removable Bedding Tray

The bedding material at the bottom of the Aviarium is crushed corncobs. It can be changed easily by removing the tray through a small door at either end of the Aviarium and dumping the base material. Fresh crushed corncobs are put into the tray while it is outside of the Aviarium and then returned without disturbing or having to handle the birds. As you can see in the picture below, the food and clear waterer are concealed in the bottom of the Aviarium in the bedding tray. Our design maximizes the view of the birds. The feed dish and waterer are just low enough to be hidden but the birds can still be seen when they are eating and drinking.

Notice the handmade solid wood design of our Aviarium. As you will see when you continue the tour, you will be able to match your interior design with our various styles & finishes. Because of our wood working abilities, we can customize an aviary in style & finish.

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