Finches & Canaries
Natures World Handmade Furniture Aviarium / Aviary Bird Cage / Case
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-Double Pane Glass
-Removable Tray
-Air Filtration System
-Timed Lighting System
-Climate Control System

-Queen Ann

-Baby Grand

-White Lacquer
-Black Lacquer
-Natural Oak


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Each Aviarium comes with Birds :

We Guarantee our Birds for 90 Days

Lady Gouldian Finch American Singer Canaries Cordon Bleu Finches Society Finch

At Nature's World we breed most of our birds to insure that you get a healthy, disease-free bird. We primarily breed four types of birds Lady Gouldian, American Singer, Cordon Bleu and the Society. All the birds we breed get along well in the Aviarium together. We also carry Red Factor Canaries, Owl Finches & Shaft Tail Finches from time to time.

We Guarantee our Birds for 90 Days Cabinet Wood Bird Cage

We guarantee our birds for 90 days if anything were to happen to one of our birds within the 90 days we will replace it no questions asked. Our concern is that you are completely happy with your new Aviarium.

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