Finch and Canary inside of our Bird Cage
Hand Crafted Bird Cage Furniture
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bird cage furniture

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Our pricing for our hand-crafted furniture ranges from $3200 - $5500 & includes delivery, setup and training.

More that just a bird cage but a Complete Bird furniture System

Each Aviarium Purchase comes complete with:
-Hand-crafted Aviarium (your choice of Size, Style & Finish)
-On-Site Delivery Setup & Training of your new Aviarium
-Timed Lighting
-Temperature Control
-Air Filtration System
-Double Pane Glass Design (easy cleaning without disturbing the birds)
-Two Pair of Society Finches
-Decorations, greenery, perch, nests
-Clear Waterer, feed dish
-Special Blend Finch Food, Corn cob and Spray Millet to get your birds started