Aviary in a Funeral Home
Natures World Handmade Furniture Aviarium / Aviary Bird Cage / Case
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-Double Pane Glass
-Removable Tray
-Air Filtration System
-Timed Lighting System
-Climate Control System

-Queen Ann

-Baby Grand

-White Lacquer
-Black Lacquer
-Natural Oak


interior design furniture

Aviarium Features : Click each Picture

Aviarium Exposed

Hand-Crafted : Hand-Delivered : Heirloom Quality Furniture

A Complete Bird Case System

Each Aviarium comes complete with:
1. Hand-crafted Aviarium (your choice of Size, Style & Finish)
2. On-Site Delivery Setup & Training
3. Timed Lighting
4. Temperature Control
5. Air Filtration System
6. Double Pane Glass Design
7. Two Pair of Finches
8. Decorations, greenery, perch, nests
9. Clear Waterer, feed dish
10. Special Blend Finch Food, Corn cob and Millet to get started
11. Access to bird & Aviarium supplies on our supply web site

There are many who have tried to create a bird cage with wood, but that isn't what we do. Each piece is touched by human hands and uses solid wood. We follow the Aviarium from build to delivery.

Bird cages just don't provide the safety for the birds and the therapeutic enjoyment for you as a bird lover. Our Aviarium has the look to love.

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