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Natures World Handmade Furniture Aviarium / Aviary Bird Cage / Case
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-Double Pane Glass
-Removable Tray
-Air Filtration System
-Timed Lighting System
-Climate Control System

-Queen Ann

-Baby Grand

-White Lacquer
-Black Lacquer
-Natural Oak


bird cage furniture

Air Filtration System : Clean Air for eveyone

The hood features a fan, ventilation, and filter system. This system exchanges air inside the case with fresh outside air while filtering out dust and odors as well as asthma and allergy irritants.

Our Charcoal Air Filter

Assisted Living in Georgia

Our air filtration system is one feature that sets us apart from the majority of aviary manufacturers. The aviarium filtration system has a patented design that properly pulls out allergies and replaces the aviary with clean, fresh air for your birds. The special charcoal filter traps those allergies to keep them from free floating into your breathing air.

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